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Meet Belle Angel 


Launching a business is difficult. It's always been that way. However, today, we live in an age that requires an inherent understanding …a product of our culture, or one of the expectations of convenience and instant gratification. We want what we want when we want it, and we'd like that to happen right now, wouldn't we?  Who wants to wait around for weeks, months, or even years at a time to see their labor bear fruit?” –R.L. Adams, Forbes.com


Born in a Third World country, Caribbean Jamaica, I dreamed of making shoes and entering pageants and modeling. I have won beauty contests, created my own pageants, and modeled in Europe (France, Germany, and Spain). I am fluent in French and English. 30 years ago upon graduation from Syracuse University, I started my first job as a DKNY Selling Specialist at MACY’S Herald Square. I had applied for the Manager’s training program but missed the deadline and opted to do sales instead. Prior to that, I was a former fashion model and I also worked part-time in retail stores, such as JCPenny’s Halloween shop, The Banana Republic, and Ann Taylor. I love fashion and the retail merchandising industry.

Belle Angel, Owner of KTyler Beverly Hills

However, looking back nothing prepared me for the new era evolution of Digital Marketing and shopping online. Time has certainly changed for all businesses and Online Marketing is here to stay come hell and high waters.

As an Emerging Footwear Designer in a saturated industry, I am passionate about my shoe line. KTYLER Footwear is created to empower women. I am a single parent being inspired by my sons KYLE and TYLER. As a single parent, divorced with two young boys in a new state (California from New Jersey), my hurdles were plagued with financial hardship. However, with hard work and dedication to provide for my sons, I overcame many adversaries that could have ruined our future.

My sons are my constant reminder that all things are possible in America and this is my legacy for them. I am a one-woman company working from my apartment in Beverly Hills (KTYLER Beverly Hills – U.S.A trademarked as of July 2019). My mission is to empower women to enjoy comfortable shoes that are classic, stylish, and sexy. I have created 6 different styles to complement their lifestyle of Business wear, glamor wear, casual wear, beachwear, red carpet wear, and black Tie wear. The outsoles of my shoes are GREEN BOTTOM because I want to remind my target customer that they powerful and soft leather texture is made to last a very long time. The quality of the design is simple and unique with craftsmanship precision. The brand competes with high-quality products that satisfy the functional and utilitarian characteristics and attributes, which have been around for a very long time.